Do you know the Japanese word Koyo?

Koyo is a feeling. How do you describe a feeling in a word? You gasp! You smile! You feel bliss, contentment, and amazement! You feel Koyo!

Koyo translated literally means colorful leaves. Koyo is how the Japanese feel when they view the stunning color of their autumn leaves. It is a very special feeling that comes from experiencing the beauty of the leaves.

The koyo front is the term that defines the changing of the leaves across Japan. The koyo front moves across the country in the fall. It starts in September up around Hokkaido in the north and moves across Japan until it reaches Kiyushu in southern Japan any time from November through December. Just as Americans visit New England in the fall to see the leaves, so too do the Japanese love to view their fall leaves for that koyo feeling. They track the front and visit famous viewing areas to get the full experience. Enjoying the fall leaves has been a national pastime in Japan for centuries.

Koyo is the feeling you get when time stops in the perfect experience of total beauty.
Koyo is how you feel with every bite of our Asian natural and organic foods.