Organic Asian Pasta

All of our Asian pastas are certified organic and made from freshly milled, organically grown heirloom grains. Special varieties of our organic heirloom grains are handed down from generation to generation and revered for their superior quality, purity, and taste. Koyo Asian Pasta is expertly crafted in the traditional roll-and-cut manner.


All Koyo Ramen Instant Broths and Soups are made with organic ingredients. The noodles are expertly crafted from freshly milled, organically grown heirloom wheat prized for its superior quality and light, delicate taste. Our Ramen is made with all natural ingredients and no additives, preservatives, or msg.

Organic Soy Sauce  

Koyo Organic Shoyu and Tamari Sauces are created in the Japanese-style, a form of producing sauces that is centuries old. The organic ingredients used for these authentic sauces are from a pristine area where they are produced. These premium aromatic sauces enhance the flavors of food naturally. They are perfect for all styles of cooking, from Asian-style dishes to marinades and so much more.